Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic therapy has been used for several years to treat the pain caused most commonly by disorders of the nervous or musculoskeletal systems. This non-surgical chiropractic therapy is commonly used to adjust the spine dramatically helping with back pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The technique is referred to as High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude (HVLA) and focuses on the vertebra causing the pain. It reduces the aggravated nerve endings within the spine; bringing back motion without the pain. As the patient it is important to relax, alleviating any muscle tension that may cause spasms or discomfort after the manipulation.

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Similar to the adjustment, but lower in velocity, this treatment focuses on the area to mobilize more joint movement. Patients with different pain and sensitivities prefer this method due to the gentler nature. Patients with arthritis or other bone deformities also benefit from this treatment.

Other Forms of Chiropractic Therapy

 Massage Therapy

Soft tissue massage is a gentler technique that aids in alleviating pain from lower back injury.

 Exercise Programs

There are many exercise programs focused on strengthening the muscles within the back. Regularly stretching these muscles during workout may be the only therapy needed for occasional back pain.

 Heat and Cold Application

Some patients have found relief and faster recovery in heat and cold application. The cold is used first to numb the pain and relieve the muscle tension. Then the heat is applied, promoting a quickening healing process.