Treating Chronic Knee Pain and Injuries- Is Surgery For You?

Suffering from Chronic Knee Pain

Treating Knee Pain and Injuries- Is Surgery For You?- Dr. Ahnen ChiropracticHave you suffered from knee pain in your life? You’re not alone. Many people suffering from chronic knee pain have likely sought pain relief options such as physical therapy or surgery. Today, it is common for most chronic knee pain sufferers to seek relief after years of discomfort due to injuries or osteoarthritis. Medication (over-the-counter or prescription strength) is typically in offered as a temporary solution to the pain including massage therapy, bed rest, heat or cold application, and even cortisone injections. These pain treatment options do not always result in chronic pain, leading doctors to suggest the possibility of surgery. But is that your best option?

Studies Show Patients Recover Without Surgery

Studies have been conducted to determine the success rate of those who opted for surgery and the results will surprise you. The study involved 150 patients, divided into groups of three. All patients were told they required arthroscopic knee surgery to cure the pain produced by osteoarthritis. This surgery involves a small incision to the knee, and removes worn cartilage that causes the pain.

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The first group had surgery called arthroscopic debridement, which removes worn or loose cartilage. The second group had arthroscopic lavage, which flushes painful debris and inflammatory enzymes out from the knee. The third group was prepped for surgery and an incision into the knee was made, but no cartilage was removed.

The results were shocking, and had shown that those patients from the third group, who did not receive surgery, reported as much improvement to their knee pain as those who received the surgeries in group one and two. Those who conducted the survey, evaluated the patients over the next couple years. All patients reported increased activity levels and reduced pain.

It’s seems like the answer for surgery is obvious based on the results of the patients in the study. Nearly one million patients undergo knee surgery each year. However, the problem with the surgery is the extraction of the cartilage. Not only is the worn cartilage removed, but the healthy cartilage as well. This leads to more problems and pain with the knee.

If surgery is not always the answer, then what is the alternative? It may be one of several options, but surgery is something to be taken into deep consideration with your doctor, reviewing all the options before resorting to going under the knife.

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Chronic Knee Pain- Chiropractic Knee Adjustments

Chronic Knee Pain- Chiropractic Knee Adjustments
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A Surgery Alternative- Mesa, AZ Chiropractor

A surgery alternative for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee is chiropractic care. This surgery alternative is drug-free and non-invasive. For patients suffering from knee pain due to injury or sports, not osteoarthritis, could be suffering from other issues such as spinal or pelvic problems. A chiropractor in Mesa, Dr. Ahnen Chiropractic, could correct these spinal issues causing knee pain with adjustments, without the need for surgery.

Chiropractor Dr. Ahnen believes in helping patients achieve a healthier and pain free life. The practice is to commit to a lifestyle that promotes healing and promotes prevention from health issues. When your body is healthy, you have all the tools necessary to heal your body itself, free of medications and surgeries. Get your body on the road to a healthy recovery by scheduling a visit to Dr. Ahnen Chiropractic in Mesa, Arizona.