Do I Need a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

If you've suffered back or neck pain after being in a car accident, it's a wise idea to head to the chiropractor. Auto accidents, even seemingly minor ones, can really do a number on you. You may not even realize till the next day how much pain…

Posted by admin on 27th August 2014.

Can Adjustments Make My Spine Too Loose?

You may have heard this concern from folks who don’t understand chiropractic. Most spinal problems come in pairs. Usually there’s an area of the spine that is not moving adequately, accompanied by another area that compensates by moving too…

Posted by admin on 10th May 2014.
Couple walking dog.

Why Not Walk?!

You’ve frequently heard about the health benefits of walking, but unfortunately, many of us see it as a boring activity that we do alone. However, there are a number of ways to make walking fun, lose weight and reap some wonderful health…

Posted by admin on 10th May 2014.
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What Is True Health?

True health is when your body works as it was designed. Feeling Great Most people think that how they feel is an indicator of how healthy they are. It’s not true. Let’s say you unknowingly eat some spoiled food. Later you get stomach cramps …

Posted by admin on 10th May 2014.
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The Art of Lifting

One of the best ways to keep your back pain-free, and one that all too many overlook, is the fine art of proper lifting. Think about how you lift a heavy object, for example, a box filled with books. Do you just bend over from the waist to lift…

Posted by admin on 10th May 2014.
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Silence Those Sinuses!

You know the feeling…your head is congested and your face hurts. You press on your cheeks and there’s pain – the pain that can only come from an inflammation in your sinuses. And then…there’s the headache that usually accompanies the…

Posted by admin on 20th May 2014.

Physical Therapy

Members of the traditional medical community often recommend physical therapy. This usually involves some type of exercise or repetitive motions designed to strengthen muscles and improve mobility. There is no question that physical therapy has…

Posted by admin on 20th May 2014.

5 Chiropractic Care Treatment Techniques

Many people think that chiropractors do not do much more than twist and tweak a patient’s back, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Chiropractors are trained to provide patients with a multifaceted rounded approach to health…

Posted by admin on 20th May 2014.

Job Satisfaction and Low Back Pain

Low back pain, more commonly associated with jobs involving physical labor, is now striking an increasing number of white-collar workers. Usually associated with heavy lifting, turning, bending and repetitive motions, back pain is becoming a…

Posted by admin on 20th May 2014.

Make Friends With Mr. Sun

For years, you’ve heard that sunbathing is bad for you and that you should avoid it at all costs. That is, unless you have to be out for some reason in the noonday sun, and then – you better use some ultra-high SPF sunscreen and wear a hat.…

Posted by admin on 20th May 2014.
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