Auto Injury Chiropractor in Mesa

Seeking an Injury Chiropractor in Mesa After Your Auto Accident?

Auto Injury Chiropractor in Mesa

At Ahnen Chiropractic we treat auto accident injuries including whiplash, back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines. Our chiropractor in Mesa AZ Dr. Ahnen will help you with pain management and rehabilitation for your car accident injury. Chiropractic care combined with other treatment methods such as massage and physiotherapy will assist in the natural healing process and get your body back to a healthy, pain-free state.

If you are suffering and in pain after a car accident, you may have sustained an injury to the spinal column or a whiplash injury to the back and neck. Without proper care, these injuries can have a serious impact on your overall health, that could lead to months or even years of chronic pain. With our chiropractic care in Mesa AZ, Dr Ahnen can offer patients a drug and surgery free approach to treating your injuries.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Auto Accident Injuries?

Injury Chiropractor in Mesa Dr. Ahnen

Whiplash injury caused by hyperextension and hyperflexion of cervical spine

After an auto accident you may experience tense, stiff muscles that could be a result of neck and back injuries, whiplash, or soft tissue injuries. A chiropractic care and massage is a great option for pain relief following the accident to alleviate the built up tension and assess the injuries to determine the severity.

The chiropractor is able to diagnose your injuries and provide the most corrective treatment to help you heal. The first step in healing after your accident is seeking the care your body needs to heal the natural way. Chiropractic care is a natural approach to healing as it helps in the healing process versus masking the pain with medications.

Low impact collisions are also known to cause additional pain and tension, not only the large or more brutal accidents. The most common form of pain is whiplash, resulting in neck injuries. Whiplash can occur in as little as only a 2.5 mph sudden change in speed. If you are feeling stiff and sore, don’t try to ‘tough it out’. Professional care is available to readjust and properly massage the tension away.

Chiropractic Treatments for Whiplash

Chiropractic Treatments for Whiplash

All forms of whiplash are different, and the treatments for whiplash should be assessed accordingly. The appropriate treatment plan will be determined by your chiropractor during your initial chiropractic exam. Typical treatment plans for chiropractic whiplash care is:

  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Muscle Relaxation (Massage Therapy) or Stimulation (Physiotherapy Treatments)
  • Exercise

Spinal Manipulation

Typically when auto accident injuries occur, the pain can be associated with joint dysfunction that was thrown out of proper alignment during impact. The spinal manipulation addresses the joint dysfunction by moving the joint back into it’s correct alignment with short, thrusting movements.

Muscle Relaxation

If a muscle is very tight, it will restrict and coil up. By relaxing the muscle with a combination of gentle stretches that alleviate the tension buildup and contractions. Your chiropractor may also use a finger technique to apply pressure to the trigger point that is causing the pain.


After a chiropractic exam to determine the extent of your auto injuries, your chiropractor may determine some simple, at-home exercises you could perform to alleviate the pain. These exercises are typically low impact minimally straining exercises that slowly bring the body to a less stressful, tense state. These exercises may be used in conjunction with your chiropractic manipulation.

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  • Dr. Ahnen, is very professional and really cares about helping you get better. — Mark SMesa, AZ - May 19, 2013Awesome Chiropractor!
  • Thank You Dr. Ahnen for what you have done in the past for me in 2001 and what you are doing now in 2011 to help my neck and back physical issues. In 2001; ten years ago a driver ran a red light in Phoenix, Arizona and hit my vehicle head on; totaled my vehicle. I was carried out on a stretcher by the ambulance crew to the nearest hospital. It was 10 years ago in 2001; I found Dr. Ahnen. Dr. Ahnen did a remarkable job to help me recovery from the car accident. I have noticed as we get older our bodies change. So, here I am now 10 years later in 2011; I developed this bulging mass in my neck; felt like the size of a baseball. I thought something is not right; my entire back is aching; my leg gets cramps. I can not sit or stand for long periods of time. The first doctor that comes to mind is Dr. Ahnen; I remember the remarkable out come I had with Dr. Ahnen in 2001; no doubt in my mind I am going back to Dr. Ahnen to see what this is in my neck. I must say the treatments I am receiving which started in April 2011 are helping me tremendously! I have notice a wonderful difference; the bulge in my neck is gone! Praise the Lord! Thank God for Dr. Ahnen. The back adjustments and treatments I am getting for my back are helping me. I can not forget about Dr. Ahnen’s Staff; Julia is so very kind, the message therapist are wonderful. I am very grateful to Dr. Ahnen and would not go anywhere else for my treatments. — Bridgette M. - Tempe, AZ - Sep 21, 2011Dr. Ahnen is a God send!
  • I wish to say thank you to Dr Ahnen for helping to keep me moving… and having a better grasp at life. I have many physical issues and he and his crew have helped me to keep on working 12 hour shifts that I am up and around at least 75% of that time, plus survive through regular time. He has figured out ways to help so I can function without having surgery so far… Hope I will not ever have to do that. Thank you again Dr. Ahnen. — Karan O. - Tempe, AZ - May 16, 2012Dr. Ahnen has helped to keep me moving…
  • I’m a patient of Dr. Ahnen. I’ve been to him many times for healing injuries from playing racquetball and from a car accident. He and his very friendly office staff have always taken great care of me with multiple therapies, adjustments, and therapeutic massages. These therapies have all helped to speed up my recovery and helped me to stay healthy. I highly recommend his office for any of your painful needs for quick healing. — Jeff M. - Mesa, AZ - Aug 20, 2012Helped speed my recovery and keep me healthy
  • 15 years of living with lower back pain and medications came to end after being treated by Dr Ahnen and his staff. It was just in time too, I was even considering back surgery. I had seen other Chiropractors before, But none had ever taken the holistic approach he did. He listened, asked many questions, took measurements, X-rays then diagnosed me with Facet Syndrome. Dr Ahnen, then put together a get well plan. The plan included me doing stretch exercises, something I was not doing that was contributing to the constant pain. He explained that several muscles were causing some of the problem. Because they weren’t being stretched, they were pulling on my midsection, exacerbating the problem as a result. The program included stretching at home, weekly visits and massage therapy from his staff. Interestingly and sometimes embarrassing, Dr Ahnen could tell whether I was doing my stretch exercises at home or not just by measuring and checking the resistance of my legs when he had me stretch at each visit. At first I didn’t look forward to my appointments but soon realized the pain was fading and was soon gone completely. I’m in maintenance mode now and still pain free. I’m pretty certain I would have gone forward with surgery if I had not been lucky enough to meet him. I just wish he would have been as lucky. I’m assuming most people don’t know this, but Dr. Ahnen did have back surgery. (Sorry Doc, if you post this, everyone will know) I believe this is one of the reasons why he is so good at what he does and why he cares so much about his patients. He just wants to make sure that surgery is a last resort. I have and always will, recommend Ahnen Chiropractic to anyone. Sincerely, — Roy Hughes - Mesa, AZ - Aug 7, 2013Pain and Drug Free thanks to Dr. Ahnen and his staff
  • I have always enjoyed my visits to Dr. Ahnen’s office. The staff is courteous and professional and Dr. Ahnen takes a personal interest in my care. From the beginning the quality of care has been high with a wide selection of available therapies. Go to Ahnen Chiropractic and see the difference yourself. — Rick - Mesa, AZ - Apr 14, 2013Courteous and Professional Staff