A Holistic Approach To Lower Back Pain Treatment Mesa

Natural Lower Back Pain Treatment Mesa Pain Sufferers Can Feel Great About

Lower Back Pain Relief Mesa - Dr. Ahnen

Chiropractic treatment is a great way to help correct many of your postural problems that cause your back pain, and can help relieve your pain symptoms.  However, there are a handful of other activities that we recommend to further the process of developing healthier habits.  As your chiropractor in Mesa AZ at Ahnen Chiropractic, we emphasize holistic treatment options to help deal with all of our patients ongoing ailments.  Holistic pain treatment aligns all aspects of your health into a simple but effective plan.  Here are some easy changes you can make or services that we can provide that will assist in the treatment of your pain:



Our licensed massage therapists can help relieve your physical pain with a variety of massage techniques, which we will cater to your symptoms and sensitivity.  This treatment is not only useful for immediate pain relief in specific tension areas, but research has also given credibility to the usage of massage for long-term alleviation of pain with patients who have been affected by a wide-range of conditions.  Furthermore, massage can also help bring relief to patients that are being are in pain derived from symptoms that are not traditionally viewed as related to massage therapy as a method of treatment, such as migraines or seizures.

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Your diet has an extraordinary effect on your body, and not just in terms of your weight.  Although being overweight can cause increased strain on your body and poor dietary habits can lead to very serious health problems, there are other issues that can be less visible to most than their physical appearance.  Poor nutrition can cause inflammation and increased nerve sensitivity, both of which increase perceived pain. Additionally lack of proper nutrients and vitamins can cause a patient’s recovery time to increase, which will increase the rehabilitation time of a patient.  One of the many fantastic services we offer at Ahnen Chiropractic is nutritional and weight loss counseling, and we recommend for our patients to consult with our licensed practitioners if they would to learn more about simple nutrition changes they can make to improve their health.


Stretching/Core Work

Strengthening your core can bring much needed assistance to those that have problems with lower back pain, leg pain, posture  and endurance.  One of the recommendations that we have given to many of our patients that have delivered the greatest results is incorporating yoga into their exercise regimen.  The benefits of yoga for the back cannot be understated in terms of a holistic solution to back pain.  The combination of muscle strengthening exercises, circulation improving stretches, and tension reducing concentrated breathing can immense positive effects on a patient’s lower back pain relief Mesa.