3 At Home Exercises for Lower Back Pain in Mesa AZ

Treating Back Aches with 3 At Home Exercises for Lower Back Pain in Mesa AZ

3 At Home Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief - Ahnen ChiropracticLiving with chronic lower back pain can make even the simplest of daily tasks much more difficult. Your chiropractor in Mesa AZ from Ahnen Chiropractic, has a simple solution, at home stretching and exercising. Take a closer look into the muscles causing soreness and tension, and follow these low-intensity exercises that target the over-stressed areas.

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Targeting The Abdominal Muscles

Lower back pain can often be a result of using the muscle group regularly with activities such as lifting or bending. Building the abdominal muscles strengthens the core so less exertion is used from the back muscles. Instead the core is used to take the additional strain off. These steps for a simple abdominal crunch could be your solution:

Lie on your back with your feet flat to the floor, shoulder width apart.

Keeping your arms relaxed, behind your head or over your chest, isolate the abdominal muscles to pull your upper body up into a semi-seated position.

Hold this position for 10 seconds before slowly pulling your upper body back to the floor.

Do not over exert yourself if this is new to you. Start with a small goal of 2-3 set of 10 reps. As you continue this exercise, you will find it easier to complete more.



Lower Back Pain Exercises MesaIt may not feel like exercise, but a swim in the pool is an excellent form of exercise. Swimming does not target one area specifically; instead your strengthening muscles within your entire body including your lungs and heart. Because of the zero-impact, this form of lower back pain relief in Mesa is perfect for sore joints and muscles within the spine, especially for those experiencing pain from carrying additional body weight.

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Alleviating Tension with the Pilates Bridge

This Pilates exercise is typically used for stability and strengthening the muscles in the core and legs. It also works to alleviate the pressure build up on sore lower back muscles. It is recommended by Mesa chiropractors to patients with weak or injured backs as it helps to loosen and strengthen these muscle groups. Click here to find out how to safely perform the bridge exercise.


If you still experience pain and tension within the lower back, you may need additional lower back pain treatments in Mesa, AZ. Ahnen Chiropractic can help with chiropractic treatment plans that will bring you easier muscle movement and release tension within the lower back.